I offer a range of services as standard that you can order from below. (Please contact me with your order requirements before making payment so that we can both understand the requests.) I can do almost any job you require having over 15 years of experience working with websites. If my service isn’t in the list, don’t worry, contact me and I will do the job required. If it’s past my knowledge, I will be 100% honest from the beginning. I will not waste your time!

Skype: Simon Ward

Telegram: @simonward

Email: [email protected]

(Please note that for security purposes, cPanel / WordPress logins, usernames, passwords and any sensitive information passed over any third party service, email or chat, all correspondence is deleted regularly. My work involves accessing parts of your website or server using usernames and passwords that you provide. I take security of your property very serious, rest assured your website is in safe hands. I will also ask that you change the usernames and passwords after I have completed the work or create a temporary admin user account that you can destroy once the work is complete. A really good safe and secure way to send usernames and passwords is through which not only encrypts the information, it also automatically deletes it as soon as it has been read.


I am experienced in PHP, MySQL, NGINX, WordPress, Ubuntu, LEMP, LAMP, Centos and have an abundance of WordPress Themes and Plugins at my disposal. If a service you require isn’t listed below, I am available for custom work. Contact me here for a custom quote.


I also build and sell websites on Flippa and have a “Super Seller” status.

Some websites I sell are established, however most are starter sites. If you are looking to purchase a website with a domain, see what I have for sale on Flippa. Visit my Flippa profile here. Please note that you might need to login to Flippa to view my profile and assets I have for sale.


Some of the Websites I have recently built

My Services are Listed Below

(If it is the first time you have ordered a service from me, please make sure to contact me before ordering. I will need to know your exact requirements. Websites can cost more or less depending on the size, function and complexity. The prices listed below are to be used as a rough guide)