I am currently working on a new project which is taking up a lot of my time. I am unable to take on any new clients for the time being. I would like to concentrate fully on this new project and also the work I do for my current clients.

1 Year Remote WordPress Backups

Original price was: £200.00.Current price is: £100.00.

1 Year of Remote Wordpress Backups


1 Year of Remote WordPress Backups

I will install an automated plugin that will backup upto 5 of your WordPress websites twice per day to a remote secure storage location on DigitalOcean.

This service includes upto 200GB of data storage on your very own DO space that I will create for you inside my Digital Ocean account.

The backups will run fully automated twice daily. You will have full access to restore your website at any time should something go wrong. This service also includes full re-installs of WordPress and your website from the backup, should anything go wrong with your server and you need to migrate to different hosting.


You can send all the required information via ShootFile here https://shootfile.com/ This service is hosted on my own server. All files are deleted once downloaded, giving you peace of mind that any logins, IPs, domain names etc are not stored on any email server.

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