I am currently working on a new project which is taking up a lot of my time. I am unable to take on any new clients for the time being. I would like to concentrate fully on this new project and also the work I do for my current clients.

Website Traffic


Traffic sent to your website using website visitor software.

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I will send traffic to your website using website visitor software. This is fake traffic and used only to build up Alexa rankings and show visitors in Analytics.

This service should only be used on your own websites. I do not offer this service if you are thinking about traffic spamming a competitor with traffic from bad neighbourhood websites.

This service is purely cosmetic and will not deliver ad clicks or CPA results. It will only give you fake visitors from proxies. This service can increase your Alexa rankings and also search engine rankings over time.

Traffic will come from search engine and social network user agents, making it look like real human traffic.

If you would like specific websites to send traffic, for example “Wikipedia.com”, you can provide a list of source websites that traffic will be sent from. There is no limit to the source websites, you just need to send them to me in a text file, one website per line.

The service will run until you have gained the chosen amount of traffic. This could range from 1 day to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of traffic you choose.

The software I use is very resource intensive, there the price of this service reflects the cost of running the servers to support the software.

When you order, please provide your target website URL (the website / web page you wish to receive the traffic) and if you want custom source traffic, provide the source website URLs in a text file, one website per line.

Great opportunity!

If you purchase a traffic plan from me, I will provide you with a free website so you can resell the traffic at a higher price! Your website will have PayPal and/or direct bank transfer as the payment gateways. You will be able to purchase any plan and share that traffic out to multiple domain names. So you order one plan from me and split it into many plans for your customers. For example, purchase 3,000,000 visits for £1200 and resell 6 x 500,000 visitors to your customers for £500 each, huge profit!

Contact me at [email protected] for more details and to get started with your web traffic selling business.


You can send all the required information via ShootFile here https://shootfile.com/ This service is hosted on my own server. All files are deleted once downloaded, giving you peace of mind that any logins, IPs, domain names etc are not stored on any email server.

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