I have many clients that pay me to run hosting servers for them. I build optimised Ubuntu 18.04 environments using NGINX, MariaDB and PHP7.4.

These servers operate at 4 times the speed of any other hosting, guaranteed! I have a deal with a reputable bare metal server provider that allows me to purchase servers with little extras, such as unmetered port, double the DDOS protection, higher end network tier and 100% uptime guarantee.

Not only do I install the entire web hosting environment, NGINX, MariaDB and PHP7.4, I optimised all settings to max possible config for high traffic loads and install WordPress or any script you choose. Some scripts rely on Apache to run, I fix all issues with the htaccess file and install it into the NGINX config file, I do this with any script. If you choose WordPress, you get premium plugins and themes installed along with high end security, speed and caching.

Server specs:

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640v4 2.10GHz
Total traffic: Unmetered Premium Network
Uplink: 1Gbit/s Premium Unmetered
Guaranteed speed: 1Gbit/s up & 1Gbit/s down
Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04
Drives: 1x 1TB HDD or 250GB SSD
DDoS Shield: 40Gbit/s protection

You will not lose traffic or customers through any sort of throttling that you will find with most other hosting providers. I will also maintain your server with all necessary updates and look after your website! You will not find this type of high end hosting service anywhere else!


You can send all the required information via ShootFile here This service is hosted on my own server. All files are deleted once downloaded, giving you peace of mind that any logins, IPs, domain names etc are not stored on any email server.