I am currently working on a new project which is taking up a lot of my time. I am unable to take on any new clients for the time being. I would like to concentrate fully on this new project and also the work I do for my current clients.

WordPress Security Optimization


Wordpress Security Optimization


WordPress Security Optimization

I will install both Wordfence and GOTMLS Anti-Malware and Brute Force Firewall plugins to protect your website from hacking and attacks.

After the installation, I optimize both plugins for maximum security levels without affecting your web traffic. Both plugins, when setup incorrectly can produce false positives and block valid traffic. I will make sure that both plugins work correctly blocking only malicious traffic and attacks.

After the installation and optimization, I will also run a scan and remove any present malware, fix any corrupted files and remove any vulnerabilities.

I will also install a backup plugin that will backup your site to a remote location once per week. Your website must be 20GB or less in size to qualify for the weekly automated backup.


You can send all the required information via ShootFile here https://shootfile.com/ This service is hosted on my own server. All files are deleted once downloaded, giving you peace of mind that any logins, IPs, domain names etc are not stored on any email server.

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I have worked online since 2002. I am a freelance web developer with a lot of experience, contacts and the tools to develop high quality professional websites. Check out some of my services below.