You can easily install WordPress yourself or use one of many hosting accounts that install WordPress for you. However, that is just a basic installation. For WordPress to really work well, you need plugins that optimize the installation for speed, security and SEO.

I build all my WordPress sites with this in mind and over the years have acquired a large selection of both premium and free plugins that I use on every site. If you are looking to build your website using WordPress, let me handle the installation for you, providing you with the very best plugins and optimization to help you succeed with your website.


Basic Installation

  • The basic installation comes with a premium plugin, WP-Rocket which is rated as one of the best cache and speed optimization plugins you will find. I will set this up and optimize all settings.
  • For SEO, I will install the free version of Yoast SEO and optimize it so it works on auto-pilot with the best settings possible, including sitemaps.
  • For security, I will install the free version of Wordfence and optimize it to the best settings, low on server resources but with maximum security settings enabled.
  • For viral sharing, I install the free AddToAny plugin which automatically places share buttons at the bottom of each WordPress page or post.
  • For hosting, I work with DigitalOcean. If you haven´t got a DigitalOcean account, you can get $10 free hosting here. DigitalOcean is a VPS service offering hosting from $5 which is ample for most starter sites with traffic up to 1,000 visitors daily. I am extremely familiar with DigitalOcean and highly recommend their hosting having tried all the others, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost, you name it, they have all given me problems. DigitalOcean have never given me any problems.
  • I will also install LetsEncrypt SSL which is free. Now thats great, however, LetsEncrypt SSL expires every 3 months, so I also install a crontab that automatically renews the certificate so you never have to worry about SSL expiry ever again.
  • To finish the installation, I will also connect your website to my Cloudflare account through WP-Rocket to optimize settings and give you control over the cache. Cloudflare offers more security, faster page loads and the annoying www redirect in Firefox is eliminated through a setting I use inside the Cloudflare control panel.

For the basic installation service, I require your domain name, access to your DigitalOcean account and your domain nameservers must point to and After the installation you simply change your nameservers to point to my Cloudflare account. If you are stuck with any of this, I am here to help.

Price for the basic installation is €99.


Special Installation

The special installation includes everything from the basic installation but with a choice of premium plugins. You can choose from two of the following functions that each plugin will provide:

  • Automatic Blog. I use a plugin that will blog automatically for you from various sources. EzineArticles, RSS Feeds, Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube, Vimeo, eBay, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Instagram, Craigslist, iTunes, DailyMotion, Reddit and Walmart. This plugin will also translate your posts from any language into any other using Google or Azure. Easy to use and full documentation supplied.
  • Domain Checker. This plugin can search for any domain TLD and let the end user of your website know if it is available to register or not. If a domain is registered, you can then check the whois. The beauty of this is that the whois page is shown inside your WordPress site. Your visitors never have to leave the site to run a whois search on taken domains.
  • Inbuilt Ads System. Sell your own advertising spaces on your website. A visitor can purchase advertising from you automatically. After they make payment via Paypal, their ad goes live and you earn revenue, avoiding any third party publishes and keeping 100% of the profit! You can choose from various payment plans, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impression or Cost Per Day. Set the prices and add unlimited ad spots to your site. Widget based system makes it easy to add your ad spots for people to buy.
  • Classifieds Plugin. Run your own classifieds website where visitors can list their items for free or pay you via Paypal for featured listings. You set the categories, countries, cities and prices. This is a great classifieds plugin that runs on very low server resources.
  • Chat Rooms. Have a chat room on your website that allows guest chatters or WordPress users or both to chat in group chat rooms. Guest can chat without registration or chatters can register and login via WordPress. Basic text chat rooms with 5 different themes and many options. You can add as many chat rooms as you like to your WordPress site and use a shortcode to place each chat room on a different page. You could use this to build a chat site or just add a chat room to your WordPress site to give your members something extra.

Choose 2 plugins from above. Each plugin comes with a license (if required) and full documentation.

Price for the special installation is €199.



With any installation I only use the default WordPress theme, however, if you have a theme ready, I will install that for you at no extra cost on both plans. If you are not able to provide a theme, I can help you find one that suits the website you choose to build.



The prices I set are as a guide only and are the minimal prices as many people like to have more than one plugin or something customized. I work online 7 days a week and work until the job is done. You will get what you order fast. First though, I like to talk to my customers via email and make sure we both understand everything and what you are paying for. Payment is done via Paypal. I send a request with all work listed that I have to do, you make payment and I do the job and deliver. If you have any problems with the work done, I am here to help and provide the service you ordered until you are 100% happy. Afterwards you are welcome to contact me for advice or anything website related. My support never ends.

To order please contact me using the form below: