If you are looking for a website that is ready to run, I mostly sell on Flippa. You will find my profile here. As you can see I am a Premium Flippa Seller with 100% positive feedback, I offer the same service as I do on Flippa as I like to keep all my customers 100% happy, free from any disputes, my support never ends!

I do sell some of my assets privately through my own website. Below are some of the websites I have up for sale now that you could own today! All you need to do is take a look at the website or app you are interested in buying and contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page for enquiries. There is no haggling with the price, the price is what you pay for the domain, website, migration and my support.



MovieTVInfo.com is IMDB type of website that runs on autopilot. With a premium sort after domain covering both movies and TV information. Using the TMDB API, it automatically grabs search queries and creates the page per movie, TV episode or actor / actress, giving you 100,000s of pages created automatically.

With a sitemap that generates automatically, search engines will index your pages as you sleep! The admin panel has many features including ad spaces (just ad your ads codes), content grabbing, news, custom pages, user registration and much more.

Monetization methods include ad spots and Amazon affiliate program. Users can purchase a movie from a Buy Now link on each movie or TV page, you earn the commission. Please note that this site is not Adsense friendly, however, there are plenty of other ad networks you could use.

If you are looking for a website that is newbie friendly but also high tech with plenty of revenue options this is a great website for you. The domain itself is worth $1000s. The script is still supported by the developer and was recently updated.

Visit the website here https://movietvinfo.com

Price €999




AppFreeAds.com is a classifieds site hitting the huge app market. Allowing users to submit their apps for Android, iOS and Windows it covers every possible app market angle. A premium sort after domain name in the app niche.

Users can submit their apps for free and pay to have their advert upgraded to featured via Paypal. You take 100% of the profit. Featured ads get the user more exposure by placing their advert at the top of the page, sidebar and category listing page. You can also earn revenue through third party publisher networks, such as Adsense.

WordPress built so anything is possible by adding more plugins. The website currently has some active users who submit app listings. No promotion has been done for this website.

Includes a Twitter account. When a new listing is published it is automatically posted onto the Twitter account, bringing in some social traffic. You could build up the Twitter account to bring in more website traffic and increase listed apps and revenue.

Visit the website here https://appfreeads.com

Price €799




ChatRooms.Club is a social network with group chat rooms. The chat rooms are text based and accessible to both registered members and guests. It currently has around 1,000 users per month and over 5,000 page views. Monetized with Adsense and internal ads system. Adsense earnings average at €30 per month for the past 3 months, although the past 30 days have produced €48 up until October 14th 2018. It looks as though the site is growing, so revenue is increasing. The internal ads system allows users to buy ads on the user generated content pages, this is to make sure that Adsense does not break any terms. Adsense on static pages and internal ads on user generated content pages.

Built with WordPress and Buddypress using various plugins to create a social network based around text chat rooms. If you understand WordPress you will be able to run this site and increase revenue over time without any problems. The site does not use much server resources and is currently hosted on a $5 DigitalOcean droplet. If you buy this website you will be earning from day one as soon as you add your Adsense code.

Visit the site here https://chatrooms.club

Price €2999




Nowosci.co.uk is a Polish language automated news website delivering British news translated into the Polish language. With over 10 million Polish living in the UK, this website should be a big hit amongst the Polish expat community in the United Kingdom. Nowosci is the polish translation of news, so you already have an amazing domain name!

The website works on autopilot, grabbing the latest news from all the major online news sources and translating them into Polish without you having to understand a word of Polish! This website is not monetized, monetization is totally up to the buyer. Built on WordPress it is highly customizable. You could monetize with any publisher network of your choice by adding the ads codes into the sidebar.

AMP ready for optimal mobile user experience. Sitemaps and SEO have all been done. All you need to do with this site is maybe create a Facebook page and Twitter account. You can add a plugin that will automatically post the news articles to both Facebook and Twitter. You will need a Facebook and Twitter app to do this, I can help install that plugin and get it working for you at no extra cost.

If you are looking for a newbie friendly website that will grow automatically over time, this one is for you!

Visit the site here https://nowosci.co.uk

Price €299




SeekMash.com is an automated video search engine delivering results from Youtube, DailyMotion and Vimeo in one place. Site visitors enter a search query and videos are displayed from the three sources. Built in Disqus commenting system and share buttons in prominent places, it is built for user engagement and potential viral traffic.

A customized sitemap has been added to the source code which works automatically, pinging search engines for every search term and video grabbed from the sources. Promote this site and traffic will increase on autopilot.

SeekMash is a very brandable domain name, easy to remember and is exactly what it says it is! Seek and mash up the results!

Newbie friendly, once installed on your server and the domain transferred, simply search for videos and share them on social media. It is built to grow. Monetized with Content.Ad and PropellerAds, it is not making much revenue, around €5 per month, however, I have not done any promotion with this website. Buy this website, promote it and there is no reason why it should not be a success!

Visit the site here https://seekmash.com

Price €399



If you are interested in any of the sites above and would like more info including Google Analytics access, use the contact form below to send me a message and I will get back to you within 12 hours.