Website migrations can be confusing and time consuming. I have been migrating websites for over 10 years and have techniques that get the job done fast and efficiently. When I do a website migration I work until the job is done.

Migrating a website to a new server or hosting company requires a lot of work, especially if your website is large. The last website migration I completed was a site that had over 80GB of data and a MySql database size of 5GB. I successfully migrated the website to DigitalOcean, saving the client over half of their hosting costs. This migration was completed within 40 hours over a period of 3 days.

No matter how large your website is, I will successfully migrate it and if you are interested I can provide you with a hosting service that will be much cheaper and more efficient than your current hosting company. I recommend DigitalOcean and have worked with them for over 2 years, so I know my way around.


Basic Migration

The basic migration is a single website migration from the current server to a new server. The new server will only host the one website.


  • UpTo 5GB = €19,99
  • 5GB to 20GB = €29,99
  • 20GB to 50GB = €49,99
  • 50GB to 100GB = €89,99
  • 100GB to 200GB = €139,99
  • 200GB to 500GB = €229,99

Migration includes all files, database(s), DNS settings and optional SSL certificate installation. Migration is thoroughly checked for any errors when complete.


Multiple Migration

Maybe you have more than one website on your current server and would like to move them all over to a new server. I can do this by creating a virtual VPS hosting environment on a single server and migrate each website one at a time to run on the same server. You may even have websites hosted with different hosting companies, no problem, I will just need root access to each server.


  • Upto 5 websites (Max data in total 50GB) = €99,99
  • Upto 10 websites (Max data in total 100GB) = €179,99
  • Upto 20 websites (Max data in total 200GB) = €299,99
  • Upto 50 websites (Max data in total 500GB) = €499,99


Hosting Recommendation

I recommend DigitalOcean for hosting any type of website. Not only will you find them low cost, saving you a fortune on hosting, they are extremely reliable. Should your website really take off and you need to increase server resources, this is done at the push of a button. If you find traffic is coming mostly from a certain country, you can easily migrate the server to a country nearby. Snapshots can be created as backups, again with the click of a button, should something go wrong with your website, restoring it is easy!

DigitalOcean Pricing:

DigitalOcean Pricing


I run a virtual hosting VPS with the $20 4GB droplet which has around 20 websites, mostly WordPress sites but never fails and each site, including the one you are reading now, runs perfectly and fast. For Flippa projects I build sites on the $5 droplet which is plenty of resources for a single site and at $5 a month for a VPS, you wont find anything as good or reliable at that price!


How to Order a Migration Service

Each migration will always be different, my prices are only a guide. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I will get back to you within 12 hours maximum. Use the form below: