My experience with Twitter and Facebook advertising and why I will never give them a cent ever again!

For any website or online business, advertising is an easy way to get visitors and hopefully convert them into paying customers. However, you need a good budget put aside to pay the big monopoly social networks, Twitter and Facebook, who both charge astronomical advertising rates. The more businesses advertising in your niche, the higher you will pay for your advertising. This is pushing starter sites and small business out of the competition.

My experience with Facebook advertising:

At the start, not many other businesses were advertising in my niche, a VPN website. I was able to advertise for a good rate of around $0.10 per click or $0.10 per visitor. However, the conversion rate was really small, around 3% of visitors would convert into customers. I decided, after paying over $2,000 in advertising over the years, to stop and go back to using only free classifieds groups as I was also doing whilst paying Facebook for advertising. What happened when I stopped paying for advertising? I was getting warnings about posting spam! I was limited to around only 5 posts a day in any group. Most of the groups were advertising groups, so my posts were certainly not spam or were not breaking any of the posting rules set by those groups.

It seems that as soon as I removed my Paypal account from Facebook, they targeted me to prevent me from advertising my websites for free. I know before I started paying for advertising and whilst I was paying for advertising, I was able to post all day long in as many groups as I wanted to without any restrictions. This is either a big coincidence or possibly Facebook see me as a target for scraping advertising revenue from and restricted my posting abilities to force me back into paying for advertising.

Also with Facebook advertising, another reason I stopped paying is because they took VAT payments on every payment I made, although I live and reside in a VAT exempt country, the Canary Islands. Trying to contact Facebook for a VAT refund was impossible, so I opened a BBB complaint against them. You can read that complaint here in PDF format. As you can see, my claims fell on def ears and the promised of “we are looking into it” never followed through.

I have since deleted my Facebook account and will never go back.


My experience with Twitter advertising:

I never actually followed through with making a payment for an advert on Twitter, however I did create one with the hope that I could pay using my Paypal account. I use Paypal for every online transaction, I simply do not trust any social network or online website with my credit card information. Look what happened to British Airways recently, over 300,000 credit card details leaked.

Ok so before I created an advert on Twitter, my reach was quite good, I was getting some really good results by simply posting Tweets without paying a cent. I just thought I would give the advertising a try so I created an advert. When it got down to the payment details, I decided not to give them my credit card information, so I didn´t follow through with the advertising. What happened afterwards is quite disgusting, my reach went down by over 32%. It is almost like Twitter see me as an advertising target to make me empty my pockets and if I don´t then my Tweets would get nowhere. Check my Twitter analytics for the month after creating and not following through with my advert:

Twitter Reach Down After Not Paying For Advertising

Is this some big coincidence? It is the biggest fall in my reach on Twitter since I had a Twitter account. I don´t see it as a coincidence, I see this as a really disgusting way to make you pay Twitter for advertising. Sort of holding your Twitter account to ransom. Pay or never make a success out of your business!


What do I do next?

Well since leaving Facebook and having my Twitter account banned due to being abusive, yes I was a bit out of order, posting that graphic above and making a derogative Tweet to @TwitterSupport I am just hoping that the content I write, the websites I build and the services I offer get out there via good old Google and Bing search engines. I meet plenty of contacts on Flippa where I am a premium seller and have my own social network that I will be promoting over time. Things could be better if the big monopoly social networks played fair, however, that probably wont ever happen. Both Twitter and Facebook have become big businesses in themselves and advertising revenue in the billions is worth more to them than giving their users a place to be social. I will never go back and will never give either a cent of my money ever again.


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Thank you,

Simon Ward.