Sometimes life throws many obstacles our way and can really kick us down. I work very hard but constantly I am on the losing side of an ever lasting battle against the big monopolies such as Google, Apple and Facebook.

What I have done for a living for almost 18 years is build websites and apps. I am also a musician but cannot seem to make anything work for me. There is no need for a website for a small business any longer, they just create a Facebook page, so building websites for local businesses has dried right up completely.

Gigs I once used to love doing have dried up, tourists prefer karaoke which is mostly done by bar staff and throat nodules prevent me from working more than half a set. I cannot work on my feet for more than a couple of hours, I did have a bar job, but had a car accident 4 years ago and my back gets very sore after a couple of hours on my feet. I was compensated for that accident but that money has long gone, but did get me by.

Recently my wife was in hospital for 14 weeks having broke water at 19 weeks. Our son was born healthy at 31 weeks, he is our little miracle. He came home at 34 weeks and 5 days and is doing great. During the 14 weeks I have not been able to work anywhere near as much as I would normally as I have had to look after our other 6 year old son, basically a single parent throughout the summer holidays. It has been great fun and lots of bonding time with my son which I wouldn´t normally get so much of. However, I am now scraping the barrel, savings have gone and my endless fight against the big monopolies is no further to any acceptance or offer of compensation that is certainly due.

I would love to continue my work on this website, providing guides and tools for free but find myself with little time as I have to try and claw back as much money as I can from other projects. My expenses have gone through the roof lately and very little work has been put my way due to lack of rankings in Google and obviously the time I do not have to support free projects.

What you could do for me is share this website on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin or anywhere else you can think of. Maybe I would be able to sell one of my services or help others for a small fee with their websites or programming. Maybe I could build an entire website for someone, I have plenty of experience, I just need to put myself out there and get the work coming back in. You can really help me by sharing this site.

If you do have anything spare, a donation is always greatly appreciated and helps me to spend more time working on this site and other projects, providing people with free tools and guides. I find that the poorer people are more likely to make a donation, please do not make any donations if you cannot afford to. Please also do not make any donations if you are tied in with a charity or organization that helps others in much greater need of help, send that charity a donation on my behalf instead. I am just a normal family man with a ton of debt and there are many others in the world in a similar situation. I am lucky to have obtained the knowledge over the years to be able to put something together like this without relying on third party donor sites. Any donations go a long way to help me with my family and gives me the time to work more on this website and other projects.

Thank you,


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