How to Build a Website - The Beginners Guide If you have never built a website before or have absolute zero knowledge of how the internet or websites work, follow this guide and you will have your own website online guaranteed!


We all start somewhere, I am self taught and have been earning a living from the internet for the past 15 years. I started with a very basic one page website with zero functions and now I am able to build almost any type of website using WordPress.

WordPress powers millions of websites, including the one you are reading now. It is easy to use with almost unlimited possibilities and you will be setup and running your own website with WordPress by simply following this step by step guide.

Most of the guide requires simple copy and pasting of code. I have included lots of screenshots with the guide so you know exactly where you should be. If you have zero knowledge of web development or coding, don’t worry, the guide starts from the very beginning and takes you right through to creating your very first website homepage.


I will take you through the following steps:

  1. Creating a hosting account with $100 free credit.
  2. Buying your first domain name.
  3. Setting up your DNS so the domain name works for your website.
  4. Setting up a free SSL certificate.
  5. Creating a virtual hosting VPS server so you can run multiple websites on the same server.
  6. Setting up email forwarding from your domain name to your personal email account.
  7. Installing WordPress for your domain name.
  8. Installing recommended plugins.
  9. Creating your first homepage.



The step by step guide is easy to follow. Most of it will be copying and pasting code into terminal or putty. Included are lots of screenshots so you can understand exactly what is happening and what everything should look like. At the end of the guide, you will have your very own website running WordPress and you’ll understand exactly how to create webpages. You will also feel more confident to experiment and build different types of websites with a variety of functions. The guide will get you up and running so you fully understand how to progress.


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