An Attempt of Photographing the Movie Set of The Eternals in Fuerteventura.

As I live in Fuerteventura I thought I’d take the opportunity to photograph the filming of the upcoming Disney movie “The Eternals”. It’s not often you get a chance to visit the set of a blockbuster movie and I did try but was stopped by a security guard and warned not to take any photos otherwise the police would arrest me.

Following the little pink “SL” signs that had never been there before along the roads took me to the entrance of the set. The security guard was really nice to me though, apologetic but strict. It didn’t bother me too much though because I know the backroads between Ampuyenta (where the shooting location was set up) and Triquivijate (which is at the back of Ampuyenta. So I headed back to Triquivijate along a dirt road that took me in vicinity of the shoot, a little too far away to get anything good, but I did managed to take 60+ photos.

With the heat and the distance, using a 200x zoom lens, the photos didn’t turn out too well but you can see the set just about. 

I do know that Angelina Jolie was there when I was taking the photos through a source I have on the island but you don’t get to see her on any of the photos. It was only yesterday that I missed her by about 45 minutes. I was shopping for my son’s Halloween costume in the Chinese shop “China Town”. I got home to find that she was there shortly after me through a Tweet posted on Twitter. Oh well, maybe she will get to meet me one day but unfortunately for her, I’m spoken for 😉